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We invented a Platform that enables any teacher to teach coding.
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Powering dynamic teaching and learning environments.

Unlike typical online coding curricula, where teachers are relegated to the role of classroom monitor while students self-pace through lessons with headphones, the TechSmart Platform enables strong teacher-led instruction to create a dynamic, interactive, and engaged learning environment.

Leveling teachers up to the precision of a software engineer.

The TechSmart Platform provides teachers with scaffolding tools and content during instruction, empowering them to teach with the technical accuracy, rigor, and depth of a coding professional. Even teachers new to computer science are able to teach with confidence and ensure that their students receive in-depth instruction.

Lesson Plans

Complete and structured lesson plans built for teachers.

Typical online coding curricula force teachers to organize their lesson plans by downloading and sorting through a series of files and documents. The TechSmart Platform removes the hassle and clutter by providing teachers with a visual lesson plan that’s easy to use and customize.

Flexible and dynamic as teachers themselves.

Since every class has its own schedule, pace, and students, the TechSmart Platform gives teachers a custom lesson plan for each of their coding classes. Our visual lesson plans enable them to effectively plan and manage lesson activities, while a full suite of features supports customizing every aspect of the schedule.


Pre-built, auto-graded assessments.

For teachers to take advantage of TechSmart’s differentiated and customizable curriculum, it’s critical that they are able to easily monitor and evaluate students’ progress.  The TechSmart platform provides pre-built formative, summative, and performance-based assessments, along with the tools teachers need to view and understand the results.

Powering data-driven instruction.

The TechSmart Platform tracks not only student participation and performance, but also their engagement and confidence for each assignment.  It’s a snap for teachers to see which students might need additional support or challenge, and change the curriculum to accommodate them.

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