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TechSmart is a complete teacher-centric solution for computer science instruction in grades 3-12.
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Computer science mastery begins with teachers.

We believe that knowledgeable teachers and a rigorous curriculum pathway are essential to give all students the opportunity to excel in computer science. We provide school districts with the professional development, curriculum, and platform they need to make equitable computer science education a reality.

Tomorrow needs coders.
Start teaching them today.

Driven by passion, guided by principles

We’ve designed our solution around three core principles: teachers are at the heart of learning, pathways are necessary for mastery, and all students deserve the opportunity to learn to code and make their mark on the world. Using these pillars, we’ve empowered school districts of every size across the country to build thriving computer science programs.


Computers don’t teach. Teachers do.

Knowledgeable teachers are essential to learning. We give educators of any background the knowledge and confidence of a software engineer through intensive coding bootcamps, complete curricula, a platform that scaffolds and supports them, and live support.

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Everything a student needs to become a coding professional.

A single course can’t give students the depth of knowledge they require to compete for jobs in the coding industry. We offer a seamless progression of rigorous courses that build mastery from third through twelfth grade.

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Coding powers the future.
No one should be excluded.

Computer science is the great equalizer. We accommodate and engage students of all backgrounds with full differentiation across our curriculum to ensure every student has the opportunity to learn to code, and make their mark on the world.

A new approach with proven results.

TechSmart places teachers at the center of instruction, surrounding them with an unprecedented level of training, curriculum, and tools.

Here’s how we do it:

Everything a district needs to teach computer science.

Teacher Coding Bootcamps

Teacher Coding Bootcamps

In-depth professional development that enables a teacher of any background to teach coding.

Computer Science Curriculum Pathway

Computer Science Curriculum Pathway

Seamless multi-year scope and sequence of coding courses (grades 3-12) designed to guide students towards college and career outcomes.

Coding Courses

Coding Courses

Differentiated and rigorous courses that hold computer science to the same high standards as other core subjects.

Student Internships. Teacher Externships

Student Internships. Teacher Externships

Partnerships with local businesses that provide internships and externships to connect students and teachers to the world of work.

Dual Enrollment College Credit

Dual Enrollment College Credit

High school students receive college credit for TechSmart coding courses.

Teacher & Student Platform

Teacher & Student Platform

Cloud-based platform integrates curriculum content with a live coding environment and unique scaffolding features.

A platform built for teaching.

Our cloud-based platform integrates curriculum with a live coding environment, enabling innovative scaffolding and support features. It’s everything a teacher needs to teach computer science with the precision and confidence of a software engineer, together in one place.

  • Dynamic and interactive instruction
  • Complete and customizable lesson plan
  • Auto-graded assessments with student progress tracking
  • Teacher support through scaffolding and Live Support chat

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Coding bootcamps to level up teachers.

TechSmart transforms teachers of any background into confident coding instructors through in-depth professional development, delivered by qualified coding instructors in a virtual environment. Teachers develop a depth of computer science knowledge and strong coding skills through mastering the curriculum they’ll be teaching. It’s the best way to build a sustainable computer science teaching capacity for a district.

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Designed to be different.

Differentiated Curriculum

Unlike typical online curricula that offer a “one-size-fits-all” learning experience, TechSmart provides five levels of difficulty for each coding exercise.

Fourteen Course Pathway

A seamless progression of complete and rigorously designed courses takes students from third through twelfth grade.


TechSmart’s educational coding language is built to make the transition from visual block-based code to professional line-based code easy.

Teach Assist ™

Our platform’s teacher scaffolding feature explains code line-by-line while suggesting thought-provoking discussion questions to engage and challenge students.

Code Assist ™

Our platform’s code-writing helper enables students and teachers alike to write code without the struggle of memorizing complicated syntax.

Live Support ™

If teachers need assistance, they can simply hit a button and receive live help from our staff within five seconds via a chat widget in the TechSmart Platform.

Your guide, every step of the way.

We partner with school districts to build computer science programs, growing each one from a small pilot to a full district-wide implementation. We understand the unique challenges each district faces, and we have the experience to guide you to the solutions.

Think big. Start small.

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