One of the world's most popular programming languages

Why learn Java?

The established standard.

It’s ubiquitously popular.

Java is perhaps the most common programming language in the world. Due to its power and versatility, it has become the standard in a variety of industries. Nearly all major corporations use Java to power their servers, and all Android mobile development is based in Java.

It has stood the test of time.

After its first public release in 1996, Java quickly became one of the most widely used languages. According to the TIOBE index, it has been among the top two most popular languages for every year of the new millenium. Though technology and the internet have changed immeasurably over the past two decades, Java has remained extremely valuable.

Prepared for anything

It’s the next step after Python.

Though Python’s plainspoken syntax makes it easy to learn, the fact of the matter is that most programming languages use highly specific syntax and commands. Learning Java acclimates students to the more complex syntax and structure they can expect to find in most professional languages.

It’s similar to other languages.

Java is part of the C family of languages, meaning that it bears strong similarities to a number of top languages including C, C++, C#, and Objective-C. By learning good object-oriented practices in Java, students learn by far the most common way that code is structured in software development.

We make Java simple.

Ordinarily, even the simplest Java programs use complex syntax and advanced coding concepts, often scaring away beginner students. Our platform features cut through the clutter, freeing students to learn coding concepts in the proper order.

Focused Programs

Java programs have a famously intimidating structure, where even the most basic programs require knowledge of advanced object-oriented and functional concepts to understand. The TechSmart Platform automatically hides these complex details until students are ready for them, allowing students to start simple and write a “Hello World” program in a single line.

Integrated Graphics

Graphical and interactive programs are a great way to engage students, but there is no one standard way to code them in Java - coders ordinarily have to find and integrate one of many libraries. We invented a library that handles all those things right on the TechSmart Platform. It’s designed to be used and understood by beginner coding students, but uses techniques that will transfer to other leading graphics libraries.

A universal coding language.

Java remains one of the world’s most popular languages with the most job opportunities.


Ranked 1st in total job openings.


Ranked 2nd by the PyPL Popular Programming Language Index.

Ranked 3rd by Github.

Ranked 1st by TIOBE Index


5th highest salary of all coding languages.

companies using java

Over the last 5 years Python is the fastest growing coding language.